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Fan Catalog (PDF)
Cover (185K)

Explanation of Nidec Fan Model Numbers

Typical Electrical Features (172K)
Standard Connectors (Nidec's Recommendation), Special Remarks (173K)
Special Control Function (2 pages) (215K)
How to Measure the Air Flow-Static Pressure (174K)
Types of the Mounting Holes, Custom Fans (196K)
Environmental preservation (183K)
Unit Notation (172K)
D02X (EX) Series (188K)
D02X Series (192K)
D03X Series (194K)
D03P Series (190K)
D04X-T Series (190K)
D04R (EX) Series (191K)
D04G Series (194K)
D05X Series (192K)
D05R Series (202K)
D06X Series (196K)
D06R Series (196K)
D06R-S Series (202K)
D06T-B2(UX) Series (205K)
D06A (K) Series (198K)
D06K Series (2 pages) (204K)
D07R Series (204K)
D07A Series (203K)
D08K Series (2 pages) (207K)
D08A Series (196K)
D09A Series (196K)
D12T Series (197K)
D12E (K) Series (198K)
D12E (A) Series (198K)
D04F-B(RX) Series (232K)
D05F Series (198K)
D05F-B (EX) Series (197K)
D06F Series (200K)
D07F-S Series (196K)
D09F-B(CX) Series (204K)
D09F-S (EX) Series (196K)
D10F-B6 Series (217K)
D12F-B Series (207K)
Accessories (212K)

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